Dealing with the old switcheroo

Office of Residence Life answers questions about changing roommates

Andrew Eaton, Staff Writer

The deadline for open room changes is Oct. 3. As the school year takes shape, several students are requesting the switches for different reasons.

Matthew Weekley, the Director of Residence Life, said that this year is no different in terms of the number of requests.

“It’s hard to determine how many have ‘requested,’ because sometimes requests can start but students don’t complete them for various reasons,” Weekley said. “That being said, we have processed approximately 65 room changes over 7 buildings over the last 4 weeks.”

Of the seven buildings, the majority of the switches occurred in the first-year dorms: Bowen, Morey and Berry Halls.

“First-year buildings typically have the most changes since students are making new friends. This year is no different. Right now, it’s pretty evenly distributed amongst all three first-year halls,” he said.

The process is a long one, as communication is critical.

“Our process calls for students to complete the move process within forty-eight hours of final approval. We do what we can to work with the students to find a reasonable time frame,” Weekley said. “What is important is that the students are communicating with their former roommates, new roommates, hall staff and making sure they are doing all of the necessary paperwork and returning keys to ensure a smooth process.”

The residence assistants on each floor attempt to persuade the students to not leave.

“We try to mediate the situation to avoid conflicts. It hurts the floor and the roommates,” resident assistant J. Scott said.

“There are more issues in bigger buildings, but we don’t want them to move out. It’s good to try and work out the differences because it helps later on in life,” he said.

“The reasons vary on why people move. Sometimes the reason is because students want to be in another hall,” Weekley said. “Other times it is because they want to live with one of their new friendships they have established while being here at WSC.”

Students are encouraged to talk to the assistant director of each hall if interested in changing rooms.

From there, the staff will walk through with them the process, Weekley said, which includes talking to their current roommate and former one to make sure everyone knows what is going on. Communication is key to ensure that dorm life is enjoyable for everyone.