Bressler Park gets wonderful musical guests

Every Sunday in September, musicians would perform live jam sessions

People who came to Bressler Park on Sept. 24 were treated to musical performances by Lye Soap, who played original songs and covered bands like The Grateful Dead and singer Bob Dylan. The last music show of the year will take place on Sept. 30 in Bressler Park. The performers will be Lincoln Havranek and E-Z-B Combo.

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

Season two of “BresslerFest” will be coming to an end Sunday Sept. 30 with a performance at Bressler Park in Wayne at 6 p.m. featuring E-Z-B Combo, a jazz inspired band. “Bressler-Fest” is an event throughout the month of September held over four Sundays.

Jill Broderson, a Wayne resident who organized the event, described the monthlong event as a fun evening open to anyone.

Lye Soap performed on Sept. 24, playing covers as well as their own original songs. The band consists of five members, Curtis Jackson, Alan Jackson, Joel Grenemeier, Ken Alber, and newcomer Lindsey Bradley. Curtis plays the six-string guitar and is the singer/songwriter of the group. His brother, Alan, plays the banjo. Grenemeier and Alber play mandolin and Bradley is on the bass.

The group performed many covers, including, “Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright,” by Bob Dylan, “Mountain Dew” by Grandpa Jones, “The Letter” by The Box Tops, and “Midnight Train” by the Stanley Brothers. They also performed an original song written by Curtis Jackson called, “Cornfield Canoer.” According to Alan, the song is about the two brothers going canoeing every Labor Day.

The crowd was a mix of college and community members. According to Wayne State College student Rylee Williams, it was a fun night.

“It’s a laid-back event, but it’s fun to be out and just listening to music,” Williams said. “It’s not the music I listen to every day, so it was cool to branch out and listen to a different sound.”

Lye Soap closed out their set with “I Know You Rider” by The Grateful Dead. They also have the song recorded on their Soundcloud page, as well as “Sitting On Top of the World” by Bob Dylan.

The last night of the event is on Sept. 30. There will be a pre-show at 5 p.m. featuring Lincoln Havranek, a WSC graduate, followed by E-Z-B Combo’s main set. Havranek will also perform some original songs with the band.