Do you want a fly problem?

Connor Lindeman, Staff Writer

Of all the annoying things that live in this world, the fly is the most annoying little bug that exists today, with its frequent buzzing in people’s ears, and can really get on a lot of peoples nerves. People in town have been saying that there are a lot of flies in the stores, mostly in restaurants.

Flies are sometimes outside of the Wayne State College recreation place, where people work out. This town has a very big fly infestation, and a really weird one.

The fly problem is bad. In restaurants, people can’t drink out of their glasses, they can’t eat their food, they get on their forks, and nearly every person is getting “bugged” by all of it. An employee at Dairy Queen said that, “It’s been getting bad for a few days.”

The source of all this is probably the warm weather and all the moist air conditions, summer is near its end next month and fall is around the corner.

Trying to get rid of them can sometimes be hard. Use fly paper if there are flies in your home. If they are in the kitchen you can do a lot of things to prevent fly infestations. According to the pest control company Orkin, “Keep all windows closed, keep all food well stored and sealed, the most important way to stop it is sanitation, such as keeping sinks, ovens, stove tops, and counter tops clean.”