“The Nun” is a disappointing beginning for Conjuring fans

Ana Mata, Staff Writer

Last week I was given the opportunity to see the supposedly terrifying beginning to “The Conjuring” series, “The Nun.” For a few months I had seen trailers and social media hype for the movie to come out. I was lucky enough to have seen the four other movies to “The Conjuring” series and I was pretty excited to see the film. Needless to say, I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the end of the movie. I was expecting a horrifyingly wonderful beginning to the whole “Conjuring” series but instead, I was left unsatisfied with how the creators approached the film.

When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, Father Burke (Demián Bechir) and Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) are called upon to investigate the unfortunate incident.

Together they uncover the orders unholy secret, where they confront a sinister force which takes on the form of a nun, the abbey soon becomes a place of nightmares where there is no escape.

In “The Nun” most of the plot (of what little there is) takes place at night, with what looks to me like quickly put together digital effects blended in with a gray dimness they placed within the night scenes. A lot of truly scary or lore-worthy scenes, were unfortunately, turned into action scenes with characters fighting zombie-like nuns and chasing possessed children through a cemetery. A large majority of the jump scares and plot twists in the movie are predictable to those who are familiar with the horror genre, especially to “The Conjuring” fanbase. Critics had built up this movie for months, talking about how scary it is and how much it will dive into some of the secrets behind this movie series. But there really isn’t any story here and not much of a point either.

Corin Hardy, director of “The Hallow,” is also the director for “The Nun.” “The Nun” has earned $228 million worldwide, passing the movie “Annabelle,” $256 million, and probably be the fourth out of five of “The Conjuring” movies to top $300 million worldwide. So far “The Conjuring” series has made $1.3 billion at the global box office.

The film has received mixed to negative reviews across the world.

“Unfortunately, it’s all so routine and repetitive that it soon loses even that appeal,” said Sarah Cullen from “Film Ireland Magazine.”

“The Nun is quite likely the best entry in the blockbuster “The Conjuring” cinematic franchise. However, this is still not much of an endorsement,” said Richard Whittaker from the “Austin Chronicle.”

For me, this fifth chapter in the “The Conjuring” series just isn’t as scary as its predecessors. The first movie of the series was one of my favorites, with its story and scares of tormenting a family and slowly driving them all mad to the point of no return. Even the movie “Annabelle” held together better than “The Nun,” both story-wise and scare-wise.

“The Nun” just feels rushed, like the creators of “The Conjuring” universe were so focused on the “The Crooked Man” and “The Conjuring 3” that they failed to look over their work for this one. The creators are basically throwing a bone to a fanbase (who mind you have been waiting about a year for a new installment) hoping it may ease some of the restless tension in the air has now made the troubled tension worse. If anything now we are even more bothered than ever before.

For ratings, I would give the film a three out of five, just for the fact that I actually enjoyed some of the characters. The setting of the film was decent enough for me take a second look at some of the detail. But overall this installment to the series just didn’t intrigue me as well as the other ones have.

I encourage those who are more interested in the scares and thrills rather than the story to see this film. It may peak your interest better than it did with me. Otherwise, those like me and “The Conjuring” fan base will just have to wait until they release the next installment of the series which hopefully will satisfy our need for a good scare and story.