WWI exhibit retired

Blake Hilkemeier, Staff Writer

On Sept. 7, the World War I exhibit, put together by Marcus Schlichter and Dr. Yasuko Taoka, presented in the Peterson Fine Arts Center at Wayne State College, was taken down.

Over summer break, Chautauqua by Humanities Nebraska, came to Wayne to visit Wayne State College to share their knowledge about World War I, since it’s the 100th anniversary of the war ending.

“There was a Chautauqua on campus in June this summer, and for that I put together some WWI posters,” Schlichter said. “I also took out some excerpts from The Goldenrod (the old Wayne Herald) regarding activities on town and on campus during the time of World War I.”

Along with some of the posters he put together himself and the excerpts from the towns local newspaper, he decided to gather a few more historical posters from E-Bay.

“I came across an article in The Goldenrod about the students and faculty putting together posters during the War,” Schlichter said. “E-bay has everything, so I just went on E-bay and looked up World War I posters and purchased some I thought would be interesting for the public to enjoy.”

Not only did Schlichter purchase the pictures and hang them up for others to enjoy, he also wrote the didactics for every poster, to help others understand the significance of each individual poster.

“It’s really cool because they’re all kind of propaganda posters, so you can really see what was of interest to people at the time,” Taoka said. “Marcus has gone through and wrote didactics on each of the posters that point out the things that he thinks are important.”

Originally, the exhibit was supposed to be open for a week in the summer. Things quickly changed when they thought the exhibit deserved more recognition than what it got.

“It was originally open from June 4 to June 10,” Taoka said. “Because it was summer, students and other people weren’t around, so we decided to keep it in there and hold it over through some of the first semester so people could enjoy it once they got back. Once we saw how cool it was and how well Marcus put it together we thought more people should see it.”

There will be no other memorial replacing it throughout the year.