Possible college career options

Brianna Parsons, Staff Writer

On Thursday, students will be visiting different booths in the atrium of the Student Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for the Majors and Minors Fair to explore the opportunities for new or additional areas of study.

This is the first event of its kind to take place at WSC. The faculty group in charge of the event met over the summer, corresponded by email, and worked with individual departments to plan the event.

“We met as a team to discuss our ideas, our to-do list, and discussed which department areas should come and share their information,” said Sarah Farr, assistant professor of music and a member of the planning group. “Everyone in the group had little bits of the job and together, we made it come together as a whole.”

Every department will oversee their own booth at which faculty will set up their own materials. Traditional tablecloths will be used and are labeled with the department, so students know how to identify the different majors and minors, according to Josh Piersanti, associate professor of graphic design and chair of the department of art.

“At the fair, there will be tables lined up along the sides, [advisors from the different] departments will be there, informational sheets [about the departments] will be given and faculty advisors will answer [any questions the students have],” Piersanti said. “[There will also be] packs of M&M’s, because of the M’s in the Majors and Minors Fair.”

With the credit hours changing, opportunities will be given to many students throughout the time at the fair to fill their hours.

“[During the fair] students have more of an opportunity than ever before to pick a major, a double major or minor, because of the new general study requirements, which are 30 credit hours,” event member Josh Piersanti said. “Students need 120 credit hours to graduate, a major takes up 40-57 hours of that and 30 hours for general studies, so that leaves 35-42 hours left and that is enough to complete two minors.”

The fair will showcase both new and existing programs.

“A lot of students don’t know about the new minors. [So, we want] students to know that they could pick up a minor that fits with their major; by doing that, they could better compete in the job market or learn something they enjoy not related to their major,” Piersanti said.

The members at the fair will encourage the students to learn about the programs, and they also will help serve our students according to Piersanti.

“[At the fair] students will be able to make better decisions, realistic options and sign up for majors and minors,” Piersanti said.

“[I think] it will be fun to talk to students about what they are interested in, to help students explore different possibilities during their college career and in life, things they may not consider or know are options for them,” Piersanti said.

The fair will be enjoyable for everyone involved.

“I think the fair is a great idea, I think it is a great opportunity for students to stop by, have a group conversation, ask questions, meet faculty in other areas, ask what their areas are like and it will be a great service for the students,” Farr said.

Come out to the Majors and Minors Fair to explore all the opportunities Wayne State College has to offer with your college education