Animals in apartments

Kadra Sommersted-Simmons, Staff Writer

PETS!!! I wish that more places around the Wayne area allowed for residents to have pets. Fish are pretty lame because all you can do is watch them.

Some are smart enough that you can train them to do fancy tricks, but that’s a lot of work. Getting a fish to listen is harder than getting a wall to listen for me.

So I’m a strong believer that pets should be allowed in apartments without the need for them to be ESA’s (Emotional Support Animals.)

I know that the problem with animals, other than fish, being allowed in apartments has consequences.

Yes, I know that’s the biggest reason that the rules are so strict, but I wouldn’t have felt so lonely in my apartment by myself for two months if I had had more than a fish to talk to.

I talk to animals which is another reason I think more than fish should be allowed. Dogs and cats respond when you talk to them. AND THEY ARE SOFT.

I love having a soft, and warm creature to cuddle with at all times of the year, and living somewhere that doesn’t allow pets makes that difficult for me to cope with. I’ve always had a pet and don’t actually know how to live without one around.

So much so, I actually bought a fish to ease the missing of a pet. Definitely not the same as a cat or a dog.

I managed to pet my goldfish every now and then, but it was not the same as petting a furry pet that loves the attention. Pets should be allowed because even for people who don’t have a specific condition to where they medically need a dog or a cat, it would still calm me down…and maybe other people as well.

I wish there were a more simple way to have a pet be in my living quarters, sadly though, I don’t know the rules and regulations. I WANT A PET.