Use Apple Pay at stores in Wayne

David Becker, Staff Writer

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One thing that I have always tried to do over the past few years is to promote Apple Pay and NFC payment services. The reason is they are more secure than you think; and even using that chip in your credit and debit card is not always secure, whereas using a service like Apple Pay is going to help keep your money secure, giving you the most convenient way to pay for your items.

So, with all of that said, where can you use Apple Pay and all of the other NFC payment services in Wayne?

For starters, fast food chains like McDonald’s and Subway accept electronic services in their restaurants and apps. I would particularly recommend the McDonald’s app since they offer a lot of deals and specials that you cannot get by simply walking into their restaurant.

On top of that, grocery stores like IGA Quality Foods, Pac-N-Save and now Shopko Hometown all accept NFC payment services. Gas stations such as Casey’s and Shell do accept these NFC payment services.

Also, for all of you students out there who have already acquired parking fines on campus for parking in the wrong spot, Wayne State College DOES accept NFC payment as a payment method when paying off your fine. Although it may not be great to have to spend even more money on college, you can at least pay off the fine in one of the coolest ways possible!

We as college students don’t like spending money and when we do, we like to spend the least amount of money possible. Just be sure that when you are paying, you are paying with one of the most secure payment systems out there right now. Your wallet and bank account will thank you later.

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