Rush Week kicks off Greek life


Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

With the school year beginning, recruitment of new members for the Greek organizations took place at Wayne State College. For the members of the sororities and the fraternity it’s always exciting to have the possibility of new members joining them.

For those curious about Greek life, they are given the opportunity to see just what it’s like. On our campus, we currently have two sororities: Zeta Tau Omega and Theta Phi Alpha, and only one fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Zeta Tau Omega, which originated in 1999, is the local sorority on campus, while Theta Phi Alpha, which was founded in Wayne in 1985, is the national sorority at WSC. Founded in Wayne in 1968, Tau Kappa Epsilon is the national fraternity.

The first two weeks into the academic semester are filled with multiple events hosted by all three organizations. Zeta Tau Omega did events such as tie dying shirts, making friendship bracelets, painting flower pots and playing sand volleyball. “These just go along with my theme. I have a hippy theme,” said Zeta Tau Omega recruitment head, Glorious Roeber. “I’ve gained some of my best friends in this sorority because of recruitment. Theta Phi Alpha’s theme is “adventurous/camping.” They hosted events like messy twister, root beer floats, game night and a bonfire which included s’more making.

“We have a philanthropy night and we’re writing letters to a family who had a preemie [premature] baby and needs a little bit of encouragement,” said Mackenzie Esch, Theta Phi Alpha recruitment head. Tau Kappa Epsilon had events that included a grill out, a Greek mixer with both sororities, a game night with yard games and a night of bowling.

At the end of each recruitment, there is a day where the potential new members get a notice or email from the sorority or fraternity of their choosing that invites them to join that specific group. Each organization has a goal of how many new members they can hopefully recruit.

“We aim for about 10 new members,” said Devon Chab, the recruitment head for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Organizations share common interests in community service, fundraising, academics and working with the other organizations as well. “Greek life has impacted me in a lot of ways,” said Esch. I’d say I got a lot of friends through Greek life as well as a lot of leadership roles.” She believes it has really helped her grow as a person.

There is always someone who is there to hang out with or talk to when it comes to Greek life. College can be a major change in some people’s lives but Greek life can help anyone ease into it.

“It has really given me a place to go to look for help or just something to do,” Chab said.

Feature image photo by Marissa Lau