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Inaugural Ron Holt award presented to Granberg

Kadra Sommersted, Staff Writer

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Karen Granberg has been named the inaugural recipient of the Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award for faculty and staff said Lisa Nelson, director of service learning.

“Dr. Holt phoned me in February to tell me of the award,” said Granberg a licensed counselor in the Student Services Counseling Center. “He wanted to give me time to think about who I would like to have attend the award luncheon – and for those people to have time to plan to attend.”

She said she feels honored to be recognized with the award.

“Dr. Ron Holt was an alum,” said Nelson. “He gave a scholarship when he was still a senior here as a Wayne State College student.”

Granberg and Holt came up with a Civic Engagement Award 5 years ago, the Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award that has been given to seniors who are preparing to graduate. Last summer Holt wanted to honor students as well as faculty and staff on campus.

The faculty and staff award recipient will also receive a gift which will be awarded for the same amount as students; however, it will go towards the foundation office in the faculty member’s name.

Nelson said Granberg is allowed to decide how the money is used in the system – scholarships or fund something specific on campus – her decision.

“Dr. Holt has worked with Karen Granberg for a number of years,” said Nelson. “Karen has been working with the PRIDE group for over 20 years, and sort of started (the group). Dr. Holt’s been very involved with that over the last decade or so.”

She said Granberg has been very involved with the Counseling Center on campus and is helping students get their voices heard.

“(Granberg) has a program on campus called S.M.A.R.T., it’s Student’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training,” said Nelson. “She works with a number of different trainings for students on campus.”

Nelson said Granberg has been involved with many groups on campus and helping students, and she thinks that’s why Holt chose her.

“It probably won’t be something that is given every year,” said Nelson.

She said though the award may be something that happens when a faculty or staff member is close to retirement, achieved tenure or something of high significance while being very active on campus – perhaps it will be something that he gives again.

“I think if you walked around, you wouldn’t find a person on campus that would have anything bad to say about Karen,” said Nelson.

She said when people across campus found out that Granberg was receiving the award many people told her that it was wonderful that Granberg was being recognized. “I don’t think you could pick a better person than Karen,” said Nelson.

“Karen is a dedicated caring professional,” said Lin Brummels, director of the Counseling Center. “She has worked with many groups and organizations over the years, and touched many students’ lives. We’ve all learned from her engaging dedication to be better people.”

“Being named the recipient of the inaugural Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award for WSC Staff and Faculty was a completely unexpected surprise,” said Granberg.

She said she was especially grateful to Holt for his promotion of service-earning at WSC. She is also thankful for him being a role model and benefactor. Her gratitude extends to Nelson for her dedication to encouraging service as a path for students, as well as faculty and staff. It is a way to connect in a real way with their community and higher education experience.

“I feel honored to be recognized in this way,” said Granberg. “I am excited to share this moment with all of those who have supported my commitment to the campus and community over the years.”

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Inaugural Ron Holt award presented to Granberg