Audiobooks are a great alternative reading experience

A rainy car ride back to Wayne transported student to another world while listening to an audiobook

David Becker, Staff Writer

Over the past month, I have looked into audiobooks because I have never had that reading experience before. To get into it, I was able to download a couple of books from Audible for free since when you sign up for a free trial, they offer you two credits for an audiobook and each audiobook is one credit.

With that said, the books I downloaded were books I have already read. because I felt as though I would be able to understand them better since I have already read them and I could possibly visualize the story better or understand the tone of the story better.

The books that I downloaded were “I, Justine” by Justine Ezarik (iJustine from YouTube) and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. I have read both of these books; “Wallflower” I have read way too many times to count.

After listening to Ezarik’s book, I will say that I do understand the book better since you do hear the tone of it. On top of that, it’s always great to hear an author read their book. When listening to it, whether that be with headphones, on a speaker in your room or in your car, you feel like they are talking directly to you and only you.

Now, although I have not finished “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” I will say that I did listen to it a few days ago when driving back to school on Sunday afternoon while it was raining. Maybe it was because of the story, but audiobooks are so great to listen to while driving in the rain. It’s like you’re in a world that is completely peaceful where nothing can go wrong.

I will admit that even though I did enjoy listening to these audiobooks, I still prefer regular reading books. Audiobooks are a great alternative and something else to do when on a road trip, but for now, I will stick to my Apple Music playlists, FM radio or podcasts.