Staff Stories: Brandow is unsung office hero


Richard Rhoden

Jenny Brandow, Office Assistant in Records and Registration, shows her personality in a candid moment.

Justise Brundage, Staff Writer

Many of you have seen her but never really knew who she was. She is one woman that can fix many of your problems.

Jenny Brandow is an Office Assistant in the Records and Registration Office. Her job includes working with deans and OA’s in compiling the course schedules. She makes changes throughout the year as notified by the departments and processes official withdrawals from school paperwork each term.

She also does a lot of work with courses for students such as directed study, special projects, internships and honors courses. She also prepares midterm grade letters for students, and notifies them of academic probation and suspensions, then assembles packets for the SAR committee members for suspension appeals.

But more directly, Brandow is at the Records and Registration office to assist students, faculty and staff with general office questions when needed.

“I usually help about 10 to 20 students a day, on average, but we
are always busier at the beginning of the year and during registration time,” Brandow said. Brandow wants to help all students that may have problems with registration.

“I try working or talking with the student about what the issue at hand may be and try to find a solution. If I can’t fix the problem, I can look for different options that may be available to them or refer the student to someone who can work with them to fix the issue,” Brandow said.

Although things may get difficult, Brandow always gets fulfillment out of the work she can do for someone else.

“It really makes a difference knowing that I have helped someone or I can put a smile on their face,” Brandow said.

Brandow is a WSC alumna who graduated with a Bachelors of Science in human service counseling and is currently working towards attaining her MBA.

After graduating, Brandow worked at Bright Horizons for three years as a criminal justice liaison. When Brandow is not at work, some of her favorite activities are camping, dancing, exercising, going to rummage sales and antique shows. But most of all she loves spending time with her family.

Brandow met her husband here at Wayne State. He is a Social Services Director at the Wisner Care Center.

After this week you may not see Brandow for a while because she is nine months pregnant. The Brandows live in Wayne with their two children, Ashton, 9, and Olivia, 4.

“Our third child will be born on September 26,” Brandow said.