Why does no one like Nickelback?

Kadra Sommersted, Guest Columnist

Well folks, buckle up for something that is very controversial.

Nickelback. There are the fans of Nickelback and there are the non-fans a.k.a. the haters.

I know that there are many people who think Nickelback is a horrible band, but I think they are amazing. My unpopular opinion is that I LOVE Nickelback. I would love to see them in concert.

If we are being honest here, I have had their songs playing on a loop for the past couple of weeks. Yes, I am a fan of Nickelback. The biggest reason is because I grew up listening to them of my parents. Another reason is that the words to the songs happen to fall into place with what
I am going through.

Along with P!NK, their music helps me feel better when I am having a bad day, week or even month. There have been some things that I have had to deal with as a college freshman that seem pretty standard, but it’s still been rough.

The song that’s getting me through it? Nickelback’s song “After the Rain.”

It’s a song that reminds me that everyone wants their life to go a certain way, but they either won’t work for it or they need to have more patience. It reminds me that at the end of all the chaos, there will be a silver-lining, “the blue skies we wait on, are gonna have to come after the rain.”

Yes, Nickelback isn’t for everyone, but it is a band that has gotten me through situations in my life when I don’t know what to do. They’ve gotten me through the pain of losing someone who meant a lot to me, as well as the stress of letting it go. Listening to Nickelback is how I get up and get going on my hard days, and sometimes they are the only people who can make me feel like a badass.

Especially listening to “Rockstar” at 7 in the morning.

So I will continue my unpopular opinion of liking Nickelback. I will take out my headphones, my cell phone and drown the world away with some Nickelback that takes away the confusion for me.