BlackBerry should be your next phone

David Becker, Staff Writer

When someone mentions the name BlackBerry to you, you probably think of either the fruit or the old smartphones with the physical keyboard on them. However, when it comes to smartphones today, yes, BlackBerry is still out there and they are still making new smartphones.

Believe it or not, BlackBerry is still on the market and at prices that are still not all that bad. Sure, they typically do not have display models in local Verizon or AT&T stores, but they are available online. On top of that, the new BlackBerry smartphones are powered by Android and not BlackBerry’s old BlackBerry OS.

So, why do I recommend a BlackBerry in 2018? Simply because they are still making some of the best and underrated Android smartphones out there today, not to mention that they are adequately priced.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is priced at nearly $800, whereas the newest Black-Berry smartphone, the BlackBerry Motion, is priced at $449.99 and has some of the newest features like a USB-C port, fast charging, a fingerprint scanner on the home button (similar to the iPhone) and incredible security and encryption.

If you are the kind of person who still wants a physical keyboard, BlackBerry still has a phone on the market that has one. This smartphone is the BlackBerry KEYone. It’s partially touchscreen and the other half has a physical keyboard. It’s priced between $499 and 599.

On top of that, there is also the BlackBerry Priv, which is the cheapest of all the BlackBerrys on the market right now. It’s priced between $249 and 259. The cool feature about the Priv is that the keyboard slides down, but users can also use a touchscreen keyboard when the physical key-board is up.

Lastly, the BlackBerry DTEK60 smartphone is priced at $419.99 and is more of an entry-level BlackBerry smartphone that can show users what it’s like to run a BlackBerry version of Android that does not have a physical keyboard on it.

When looking at other Android smartphones on the market like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even the Google Pixel 2, BlackBerry still continues to have smartphones that may not have huge screens, but instead have the best prices and great battery life, which is something that I think all college students need today. As for not having models to look at in stores, that’s why we have the internet and can do research at our fingertips.