BSA hosts first hip-hop dance to honor Black History Month

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

Black Student Association (BSA) is growing and bringing more diverse activities to Wayne State College.

BSA’s latest event was their first-ever hip-hop dance that took place on February 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Kanter Student Center in honor of Black History Month.

“It’s just a fun little thing for people to come and listen to music and learn more about what Black Student Association does and about Black History Month,” said BSA vice president Andrea Thompson.

BSA was put together two years ago and has grown to 12 current members. Quinneka Lee, assistant dean of students and is the adviser of Res Life.

“The music that we’re playing today is centered towards black and hip-hop artists throughout the times,” said Secretary Tshiyamba Ngeleka. “This dance is really to end Black History Month with a bang.”

There were other activities in honor of Black History Month hosted by many organizations on campus. Some activities included music recitals, a documentary, movies and lectures, but the finale was the dance hosted by the Black Student Association.

“I heard about it and I thought it would be cool to show up and see what it was like,” said freshman member Jaelyn Coleman. “I either think one person will show up or 100, it’s fun so I think it’s worth it.”

Around 25 people showed up for the dance. Upon arrival, students were able to sign up for a chance to win prizes after the dance. There was plenty of food, lots of song requests and a decent-sized dance floor with lights decorating the room.

“I really like the environment,” said Coleman. “I like how people are so willing to learn about everybody else and are so nice without judging them and are willing to learn and help others through their situations.”

Thompson agreed with Coleman that the organization is a safe place for people to come and talk, ask questions, get support or just hang out.

“I’ve been here since the beginning of this organization since I’m the vice president of BSA, but all the students and hearing their stories and how they came to this college (has been my favorite part of this organization),” said Thompson.

BSA has been working on more events to host in the future, so be sure to look for their upcoming events.

“We’re trying to set up to get more people to join stuff and bring us all together and learn about each other,” Coleman said.