New app Vero shows you what’s new and popular in real time

David Becker, Staff Writer

If you were on social media yesterday, you may have found out about a new social network called “Vero.” Vero is a new social network that allows users to share what books they are reading, movie or TV shows they are watching or even what they recommend. On top of that, the social network allows users to post pictures, links to websites, music and where they currently are (via a check-in).

The pull of this social network is that it wants to take on Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram’s current algorithm does not have the most recent photos posted, but ones that are the most popular. This means that if you post a picture today, other users may not see it until 2 to 3 days later. With Twitter, you see everything new and in real time. Vero allows you to do so as well.

Vero is also an ad-free social network, so users can expect to not see ads on the network, which is something that we all tend to see on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr.

Another cool feature from Vero is that it allows you to choose which friends see your content. Like Google Plus, you can put your friends into categories. This means that if you want to post a picture about a book that you recommend, you can share it with certain groups of people that you have thoroughly gone through. The group names are “Close Friends,” “Friends,” “Acquaintances” and “Followers.”

The same could be done if you wanted to post about a new relationship that you want your “Close Friends” to find out about but not your “Friends.” This network allows you to do that.

All posts can be posted onto Vero with the option to also post them onto other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Although Vero has been around since 2015, the network is finally gaining enough traction so that users can make an impact for it. Due to the massive boost in users, Vero has had some trouble keeping the social network online, but give it a few days and it should be back to the way it was.

Vero is currently a free app on the Apple iOS App Store and the Android Google Play store. While the network is currently free to use, Mashable has reported that the social network will be free to get and use for the first million users. CNBC reported that after the social network surpasses one million users, they will charge “a few dollars” a year to use the social network. This is done instead of users having to see ads. Think of it like having to pay for a “pro version” of an app to avoid seeing annoying advertisements.

But the big question is should you join it? I have already joined the social network to play with it and test it out, since I have a major interest in social media (this is the same person who has used the now-defunct and was one of the first to use NoiseHub).

But with you in mind, I would say to wait a few days or weeks since the social network is now starting to get off the ground. Vero is still having server issues that are limiting what you can do in the app at the moment. So let that calm down, then join it. As for when that will happen, you’ll just have to follow the news in order to find out.