People from Wayne and surrounding areas join for women’s march


Photo by Adam Bentjen

Wayne, NE held their first Women’s March this January. Edith Shapiro and Charlene Rasmussen marched for equality.

Kadra Sommersted, Staff Writer

More than 50 women, men, children and dogs participated in the Wayne Women’s March on Jan. 20. After gathering at Neihardt’s roundabout, the group marched downtown, and ended up at Victor Park. There, several marchers commented on their reasons for marching.

“From the responses on Facebook I thought maybe 13 to 15 (people) definitely coming,” said Bonnie Andersen. “So it was a real surprise that there was over 50.”

She said that some people who couldn’t walk the full distance, joined about half way through the march.

“(Next time) we will make sure that it is more publicized on campus,” said Charlene Rasmussen. “And around town.”

She said that they will probably register it as an official march, so it will be listed in the newspapers.

“Maureen (Carrigg) sent the information to the Norfolk Daily News,” said Andersen.

Both Andersen and Rasmussen said that Carrigg was the one to make the Facebook banner that they used to get the word out.

Andersen said, this was the first Women’s March in Wayne.

“I just wanted to march, and originally wanted to march in Vermillion like I did last year with some friends,” said Andersen. “But since they weren’t having one there, and the two friends didn’t really want to go to Omaha…less than a week before I just put a thing out on Facebook saying ‘Anybody interested in marching in Wayne,’ and from there it took off with Maureen Carrigg’s help.”

“Bonnie is the one that was behind all of this,” said Rasmussen. “Because I had planned on going to Lincoln to visit friends and go to the Lincoln march, and then I got scared out by the weather.”

Andersen said that she thought it was going to be her, Rasmussen and another woman participating in the march, but it grew to a decent sized group.

“A lot of students who were interested in the event,” said Rasmussen, “I know there was a fairly good number of students on campus, who went to (the Omaha march).”

She said that kids like to go where there is more action, and it didn’t get much publicity on campus.

“We had a nice sized group, I thought,” said Rasmussen. “And people had a variety of interests, and everyone was pretty polite.”

They said that a lot of people waved and honked.

Rasmussen said they want to march in Wayne again next year because people started taking action after the march last year as well as this year. Additionally, the issues people march for aren’t just for women’s rights, they’re for other important issues, as well.

“Women are concerned about everything, always have been and always will be,” said Rasmussen. “The fact that it was a women’s march was just more of women getting things done.”

They said that men and children are welcome to join as well. They also said it seems like society is
going backwards to the point where women are still worrying about being harassed.

One participant, 92-year-old Edith Shapiro, said “I am marching for peace, for coming together, for a clean environment, for bringing compassion to the immigration issue. I was lucky to leave Nazi Germany in 1938 because my family was able to obtain a visa, but many died who could not. Many have forgotten the harm telling lies about a whole group of people causes, but I have not.”

They said they didn’t plan on fighting for the things they have already fought for, but they are glad to keep fighting if they have to.

“Don’t let someone else decide what your future is going to be,” said Rasmussen.

Goals shared by the whole group focused on working together and individually for greater justice and equality for all members of society, regardless of political affiliation. Marchers advocated there and at the start of the event for peace, civility, the environment, science, National Parks, women running for public office, affordable quality health care, DACA, and several other worthy goals.

The group hopes to have another march next year to which all are welcome to attend.