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Another semester gone

Justin Yost, Editorial Writer

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And just like that, another semester is coming to an end here at Wayne State. The end of this semester has really snuck up on me. I probably would have gone this whole week without knowing it was dead week, if my editor-in-chief hadn’t just told me this was our last paper.

I know Kristin wrote about, is it breaking the fourth wall if I talk about what’s on the page? This won’t make sense if you are reading this online, but oh well. Sorry I lost my train of thought, but I know Kristin talked about this being the end of the semester and her goodbyes already. But I am going to leave you with some words of advice about break before we leave Wayne, some of us for the last time.

For most of us, all we do when the semester starts is look forward to the semester ending. I am very much one of these people. It’s a time to return home and catch up with friends and loved ones for the first time in months. Most old friends will be back home for the holidays as well. Sharing both old and new stories is a great way to catch up.

Semester breaks are also a great time to start working out. You’re going to want to get rid of that freshman 15 as quick as possible, or it will turn into the freshman 40. Take it from someone who gained that extra 40. Surprise your friends with a six-pack when you come back from break.

Take all the time you need to relax during break, but at some point you need to think about next semester. No one wants to hear anything about school during break, but preparing for next semester is one of the most important things you can do. Make sure all books and supplies are bought and organized so you are ready for classes the first day of second semester. Getting a head start on extra reading for classes will give you an advantage in the classroom.

Sitting at home can get boring during break. College has a tendency to pull you in a lot of different directions all the time. Between school work, a job and social life there isn’t a lot of downtime. Sitting at home away from all of your new friends and alone all of a sudden you have a lot of downtime on your hands. It is important to fill your time with things that you enjoy.

For the upperclassmen of the audience: use the time over break to revamp your resume. It’s not the fun thing to do, but taking the time to add or fix anything on your resume will help in the long run. Breaks can be used to volunteer or even get your internship out of the way. Either one is great to enhance your resume.

Whatever you choose to do, have a fun and safe break from everyone here at “The Wayne Stater.”

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Justin Yost, Opinion Editor

Justin Yost is from Logan, IA and graduated from Logan-Magnolia High School in 2013. Justin is a senior and is majoring in Journalism. Aside from writing and editing the Wayne Stater, Justin is also a member of the soccer club. He plans on writing for a website or newspaper after graduation and would like to live in Colorado or California. His favorite food is seafood, and he loves to play soccer and video games. Justin has an older brother Jeremy and a younger brother Jason.

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Another semester gone