How to survive the rest of the semester

Kadra Sommersted, Staff Writer

As the fall semester comes to an end, students face the challenges and stresses of study week, often called dead week, and finals week.

There are ways to handle the stress of these two weeks. Staff and students have provided some tips for making it through these two busy weeks.

“It’s important for students to try to stay in as balanced a schedule as they can,” said Lin Brummels, director of Counseling.

Brummels suggests not doing all-nighters because sleep gives one’s brain the chance to recharge. She also says that studying a little bit at a time and then taking breaks will help.

“If you can, study a little today and study a little tomorrow,” said Brummels.

Brummels said not to eat junk food or skip meals because being hungry doesn’t help the brain work.

“This is a good time of the semester to turn off your Netflix, shut off your social media and just concentrate on whatever you’ve got left to complete this semester,” said Brummels.

Brummels said to avoid drugs and alcohol, and instead work out to help relieve stress. If needed, the counselors are there to help with the stress of the next two weeks.

“Try to get going now, rather than wait and study the night before,” said Mary Carstens, learning skills specialist. “Get enough sleep, maybe not as much as you’d like, but at least enough to not be so wiped out you can’t function the next day.”

Carstens said that all of the studying is worthless if one cannot stay awake, so try to stick with your normal sleep patterns as much as possible.

Carstens encouraged students to resist the temptation to stay up late, no matter what activities or events are taking place. She also encouraged students to confirm what the scheduled test time is for each class and be on time.

“Take advantage of all their resources available, whether that be the private study rooms or the help desk workers,” said Matt Mullins, Student Senate president.

Mullins said that this is an interesting time of year because people stop caring about what they wear because they are so focused on finals. He also said that these next two weeks are all studying.

“Just make sure that your coping is healthy because binge drinking is not the answer, that’s not going to help you study,” said Mullins. “Use Wildcat Wheels if you do use that unhealthy coping mechanism.”

Mullins said that friends in the same classes can make it easier to study and stay motivated.

“Call your mom,” said Mullins. “That is definitely an overlooked tool is to call your mom whenever you’re freaking out.”

Mullins also said to not be afraid to ask your professor questions.

“Not having classes on dead week is definitely an easier thing,” said Payton Parks, student. “Because then I find I have more time to deal with all those bigger papers and things since I am a communications major.”

Parks said that it is helpful that the library is open until 1 a.m. She also said that there are different activities that organizations put on for de-stressing.