Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

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A “mind messing” student film executively produced by senior Brendan Smyth, made its debut last night in Ramsey Theater.

Many long hours, days, weeks and months went into producing this film. Michael White, professor overseeing this film, said that film shooting lasts two to four hours a day and two to three times per week. The production team wrapped up shooting the week before.

“We do it just like a major motion picture,” said White. “We scouted the sets, we talked about costuming, we talked about all the different locations and what equipment would be used.”

The production of “Orientation” started even before the fall semester. Students in White’s class must pitch an idea and script to him, then he’ll determine if it’s feasible to produce and if the film meets requirements that can compete at film festivals.

Then White will give the executive producer the staff to create the short film.

“The longer you’re in the program the more you’re working your way up,” said White. “The primary goals of the seniors are to be the executive production staff where the other students work for them.”

“Orientation” could be categorized as a mixture of horror and suspense but has no jump scares, it just “messes with your mind” White said.

“I really enjoyed working with the cast that we had,” White said. “They were really a lot of fun the entire time we were shooting and kind of pulling off those really creepy scenes. It was just really fun going through all of that.”

Ramsey Theater was packed with around 60 to 70 people who watched the student film and asked the cast questions afterwards.

“We just want the campus to be involved in film making,” said White. “You don’t have to be an electronic media major to be involved in film making. If you have an interest in being involved in our films please see me, because we have people from all different departments.”

Smyth said if people didn’t make it to the showing they can watch it online. It will be on the Facebook page WSC Student Media.