Dead In The Water: I have been to Gettysburg Mr. President Trump


Jacob Stewart, Columnist

I’ve come to my computer worn thin from a weekend fueled by too much rum. I know what you might be thinking — that a man of the bourbon minority doesn’t belong in the world of Caribbean cocktails — but segregation is for the weak minded, and besides, when someone buys you a bottle, you drink it with vigor.

This article isn’t about the destruction to my liver though. I’m speaking to an audience beyond Wayne, but seeing as how I don’t have Twitter, I doubt he’ll see it.

As a student of history, I found myself confused at President Trump’s words regarding the four soldiers who lost their lives in Niger. It was more than confusion, it was anger. To hear a man say that he was the first president to really show any remorse, any pride in fallen troops by calling or writing to the families, is to hear a man who truly knows nothing when it comes to the scope of his predecessors, his history as a so-called American, but I’m sure plenty of his remaining supporters believed it.

Statements like this are what have left us confused and angered. Lies have given us reason for cynicism and doubt. I could try to spend my time putting all of this behind me. I could write articles about life after college, how things are in the Midwest, or how much of an impact the latest episode of, “The Walking Dead” had on me, but I’ll save that for those who have an interest in writing on those topics. While I have your attention, I might as well make the most of it.

To President Trump, as well as to his fan base, I have this to say. I have been to Gettysburg. It’s a simple statement, and I feel that is the best approach with this presidency, but for those out there who can understand more complex thoughts, I’ll continue (partially because of the fact that I have a word count to reach).

Between 46,000 and 51,000 American soldiers, Union and Confederate alike, lost their lives in and around that town in Pennsylvania, and four months later, President Abraham Lincoln, a man President Trump has claimed to be his favorite president, gave the Gettysburg Address after the dedication ceremonies for the battlefield cemetery.

In this address, Lincoln spoke on the Civil War, and on the lives that were lost not only from July 1 to July 3, but on the entire conflict. This was a man addressing an entire nation, a country that had lost countless sons, fathers, brothers, and friends, while having to continue leading the United States, still deep in the war.

President Trump, on the other hand, spent his time golfing before even coming up with his comment.

Instead of golfing, Mr. President, perhaps you should spend your time visiting these places, or perhaps just opening a history book will do.

In all honesty, I would even suggest doing a Google search. After all, you certainly know your way around a cell phone.