Rugby teams receive a win and a loss on Saturday

The women won against SDSU while the men lost to Creighton in a close game

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Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

The women’s Rugby team beat SDSU 110-0 in a fun game that helped the girls continue to learn how to work together. The men’s team lost to Creighton in a well and hard fought game 37-41.

This weekend was all about learning how to work together for both teams. The men’s team learned a lot about how to stick together against a tough opponent and the women used this game to practice their game plan and learn how to work together better as a new team.

“This sport and this team is everything that I never knew I needed in my life,” Maddie Putler said. “Rugby itself challenges me physically in every way, and while I never could have seen myself playing Rugby, I thank God every day for the things that I have gained from this sport. I have never been so close with a group of girls before and I wake up every day thankful for my teammates that have become so much more, they’ve become my family.”

Even though the women’s team is so young this year, they have managed to band together and bond over their love for the sport.

“I want to say that the team has been a great opportunity for me to
get involved on campus and meet many wonderful people,” Turner MacPhee said. “It has shown me how to work hard and has allowed to me to work with people that I otherwise would not have the chance to do so. Rugby in general, and especially here at WSC, provides students with opportunities to make everlasting memories and to experience what it is like to be a part of a team and a family.”

The WSC rugby team is known for being open to anyone on campus and the majority of the team had never played the game before coming to Wayne State College. Nevertheless, the team is encouraging and the seniors do their best to explain the game to the newbies.

“I was very nervous about making friends coming to college, but thanks to rugby, I’ve found a group of girls that I now consider
family,” Brook Hoesing said.

The mens’ team is also young and they are doing their best to adapt and work together as one team and one family.

“I thought that the guys’ game went really well,” Jason Ramsey said. “After watching every game this season, I think we played the best rugby all year this past Saturday. In the past games, it
seemed that we played in a little bit of a selfish manner, which was
definitely not the case against Creighton. It was great to see the
boys coming around and working together. I’m excited to see where
they go with all of the young talent that they have to work with.”

The men’s team has grown a lot in these past few months and if they can work hard through the end of the season the school can expect to see great things from them.

Team members say that the team that they have this year has huge
potential, which both teams have proven. They say they are one family and have never felt more included in a group.