One last Homecoming

Tess Riecke, Editor in Chief

I’m not a super sentimental person.

Events and times in everyone’s life come to an end and new chapters
begin. But for some reason, this year’s homecoming is making me a
bit antsy.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my last homecoming as a Wildcat, or
if it’s the nagging feeling that I am not prepared for a life without the undergrad bubble.

Despite all the stress of school, I will miss not having to go to work
everyday. I’m going to miss writing papers (despite how much I complain). I’ll even miss my nights as an editor for the Stater (again, those poor other editors hear me complain, but I do love it).

People always ask me what kept me coming back to Wayne. I’m a city kid, mind you, so it wasn’t the lovely manure smell that happens
when the wind shifts. It was the people.

My professors, specifically. In all my time here, I haven’t had a teacher I genuinely did not like. But I have had some that I love. Professors who have shaped me as a student and have given me confidence to go out into the world and share my ideas.

Max McElwain, the former adviser of the Wayne Stater encouraged me endlessly in my writing and photography. While many people say print/web journalism is dying, he made sure I never lost sight of my
goals to work in journalism. I miss his lack of computer knowledge and
the way he would get my attention (“ahhhh hey Tess!).

Dr. Randy Bertolas and Dr. Lesli Rawlings in the geography department
answer all my stupid questions about life. They understand my passions and that I like to take my learning in my own hands. I will miss this encouragement in my day-to-day life.

Wayne, I may complain about you. Sometimes I would rather stay in bed and watch Netflix, but damn, thanks for all you’ve done for me so far.