Life has ups and downs

Kristin Jindra, Columnist

Have you ever thought about what our purpose is in this topsy turvy world? I mean, we have asked the basic version of this question at least a few times in our lives. For example, “What do I want to do with my life?” Or maybe, “What impact do I want to make?” But I want an answer to the overall, philosophical question: what is our purpose as humans on this Earth?

For starters, we are born and then we die. There is an expanse of time in between these two events, some larger than others, but both still occur in one lifetime. Why do we come into a world where our existence will only last so long? Plus, we are put into this world with a variety of other beings who are in the same situation as we are, they too will only live to die. We have created ways to sort of immortalize ourselves, but this is something that happens only for a select few of the majority. Even when your name is on a family tree, millennia from now the tree will be so immense that no one will take the time to remember your name.

This view still leaves us with the question, what is each of our
individual purposes? We are continually advancing as a species with every generation, and it can be said that this is mostly a collective
effort, but to what end? If our purpose is to progress, where is it
going? What will we amount to? Some say that this only leads to the
entire destruction of our system, so we are only going to enhance with
every life only for the slate to be wiped clean?

All of this may be true, but it still leaves the initial question unanswered. This could be a reason to become depressed and wonder why we try in this crazy life. The only answer I have for you is not to be discouraged because we are human.

We put forth effort because we feel there is something worth all our hard work. We have a goal, a desire, someone or something to fight for, or simply our own drive that is enough to keep us moving forward. All we need is the change we see every day. It can be something we do or someone else has done that motivates us to do the same.

For us, the world keeps spinning, life keeps going, and unfortunately
there are lives that are also ending. It is a fact we have come to
recognize as inevitable, but even these dismal moments can cause a ripple.

We take the knowledge of the past and the hope for the future and try to make it livable for the now, both for ourselves and for others.

We are human and we have a human condition. Our condition is a timeline, but from there we can do anything.