Educating WSC during healthy relationship week

Creating a responsible community for college students at WSC

Kori Siebert

Activities were scheduled every day at Wayne State College for Healthy Relationships Week last week.

“Primarily we host (Healthy Relationships Week) so we have a healthy and responsible community,” said David McMahan, assistant dean and Title IX compliance coordinator. “During those first six weeks of school, that’s when most of the reports and statistics show that there’s an issue with students as they come in getting to know other students.”

A committee board assembled and chose the activities that took place.

On Thursday panel members and community offices came to WSC to talk about relationships, and Friday concluded with carnival games, music and prizes at the Fall Festival in the Willow Bowl.

“Our offices really work to make sure students are put first,” said Director of Student Activities Christin Dalaviras. “Everything we did this week was for the students and I think that’s the most important message that we can give, that what we do is for you (the students).”

McMahan’s first priority is putting the students first as well.

“I think it’s a good time of the year for people to be thinking about
how best to support each other,” McMahan said. “The activities that
happened at the game show were a lot of fun, students really engaged
well, so we hope that people are being thoughtful at this time and if
there’s any assistance that’s needed we do have offices and if we can be of any help, we’re here.”

Dalaviras also shared McMahan’s feelings about the game show. She said her favorite activity of the week was the game show on Tuesday in
Ramsey Theatre. There were four places to stand, video screens, and a host who looked like someone on cable.

“I absolutely loved the Title IX game show. I hope we bring it back,” Dalaviras said. “Students were not only educated but they were entertained. They were able to win prizes and it was just an energy
packed evening, but again, it was educational as well as entertaining
and I really truly appreciated that. People were constantly on their feet yelling and trying to win and I just really got excited about that.”

Wayne State College has hosted Healthy Relationships Week for two
years now and plans to continue it as an annual event.

“We feel strongly that healthy relationships are an important part of a quality student life, and hosting the events we did hopefully
provided students with a variety of information as well as with stress
relief and entertainment,” Dalaviras said. “College students have a lot that goes on in their life, both positively and negatively, and these activities brought information to light for students.”