Title IX gets a new coordinator

Evelyn Knox, Staff Writer

WSC has hired a new assistant dean of students, Title IX and compliance coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year.

As Title IX and compliance coordinator, David McMahan oversees compliance with federal mandates related to equal opportunity, non-discrimination and harassment. In addition, McMahan provides oversight to the college’s Residence Life and Campus Security programs.

Prior to joining WSC, Mc-Mahan served as dean of students and Title IX coordinator at Tusculum College in Tennessee, associate dean of students
at Muskingum College in Michigan, associate director for Residence Life and Housing at the University of Houston, and as a hall director and judicial affairs coordinator at Austin College, Texas.

“I started in the field when I became a resident assistant as an undergraduate, and became involved with men’s issues, student conduct and sexual assault prevention early on,” said Mc-Mahan.

Part of the job as Title IX and compliance coordinator is to lead initiatives to address and prevent sexual misconduct and gender discrimination on campus, identify systemic problems, and develop and
implement responses and investigation strategies. In addition, Title IX and compliance coordinator is responsible for training and education related to Title IX and board policy.

“I came to WSC to be able to focus in on key areas of interest, which are residence life and student conduct,” said
McMahan. “I especially want to work more directly with students, and getting to know the residence life paraprofessional staff they are an extremely talented and fun group.”