WSC students offer arm to those in need


Macy Grotelueschen and Hannah Lauer volunteer at the sign-in table for the Red Cross blood drive. Wayne State College hosts the drive giving students and faculty the opportunity to save lives without having to leave campus. One pint of donated blood can save up to three lives.

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

Donating one pint of blood could possibly save three people’s lives. Local blood drives, like the one hosted at Wayne State College last
Wednesday, help hospitals give blood to those who are sick, in an accident or need regular blood transfusions.

“(I give blood to) people who need it, I feel like if I’m able to give,
I should give,” said WSC sophomore Macy Grotelueschen. “Even though I’m scared of needles I still give it because people need it.”

Grotelueschen is studying pre-physical therapy at Wayne State College and is the treasurer of the American Red Cross organization on campus.

“When I was in high school they had blood drives so I helped out there, when I heard they had it here, I thought I’d be able to help,” said

She has given blood four times so far and plans to continue to give blood in the future, as a way to get involved in the community.

“Get involved, help with blood drives, and volunteer,” said Grotelueschen.

Grotelueschen said it’s easy to get involved in the American Red Cross organization at Wayne State College, the group has monthly meetings anyone can attend and join at any time.

“(I give blood) mostly just because I can, it just helps,” said WSC
freshman Jesse Kaus.

Kaus heard about it and wanted to help. So far, Kaus has given blood
three times.

Residents from the Wayne community are also invited to donate blood when Wayne State College hosts blood drives. Grotelueschen said the organization hosts four blood drives per year: in September, November, February and April.

The American Red Cross organization is nonprofit with 90 percent of its workers being volunteers.

All volunteers receive special training before drawing blood from donors.

Donors are able to decide what kind of blood they would like to donate. The types of blood include whole blood, double red cells, platelets and plasma. The most common type of donation is whole blood.

After donations are taken, tests are conducted to make sure the blood is free from diseases. Then it is stored until needed and later distributed to the hospitals in need of blood.

The next blood drive hosted by Wayne State College will take place in November. More information will be provided closer to the date of the drive.