Look what you made me review

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

A very popular topic of conversation lately has been Taylor Swift’s new song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and of course the corresponding music video.

Fans have been going back and forth on whether this song and music video are a work of art in both their simplicity and details, or whether they are a waste of time and Swift needs to get over herself and move on.

Personally, I really enjoy the song. I listen to it when I’m kind out of it and I really need to pump myself up. When I need to rock a presentation and need to feel like queen of the world, this song is what I turn to.

However, if I’m being honest, I’m a long-time T-Swift fan and she is a go-to when I need a confidence boost.

Let’s talk about the song alone. I love this song and the way that it calls out the media for the way they have constantly nitpicked Swift’s style and personality. Music is a way to express your feelings. Swift is finally releasing all of these pent-up emotions, and I support it fully.

I like to think the line that says, “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead.” Isn’t about her innocence and her wide-eyed view of the world is gone, but rather that her ability to put up with how the media reporters treat her is dead and gone and she’s ready to stand up for herself.

On to the actual music video: I think it was incredibly fascinating in its intricacies. The song focuses on the media in general, but the music video zooms in on all of the individual people she feels have wronged her individually.

There is an alleged reference to Katy Perry in the car crash scene. As well as what is thought to be a Tom Hiddleston reference with the “I <3 TS” crop tops on her backup dancers in the choreography scene.
The thing that really sets this music video over the top is the fact that Swift acknowledges she has changed so much over the years. She’s totally OK with making fun of herself and that may be the thing that I love about her so much. She accepts that you can blame as many people as you want, but sometimes it’s better to just let it go and laugh at yourself.

All in all, I think the song and the music video work. I think they are forms of self-expression and are funny. They also have a good dynamic range through different emotions. I like her new attitude.