New clubs ratified at Student Senate meeting

League of Legends and Sales Clubs make their way on campus


Andrew Eaton, Staff Writer

Two new clubs were officially ratified during the Aug. 24 Student Senate meeting.

The first of the two is the Sales Club.

“The Sales Club is a student organization that encourages the learning and practice of the art of sales,” Student Senate President Nolan Janzen said.

Joe Trouba, a student at WSC, presented the idea for the club to the Student Senate.

“Joe presented his idea that the art of sales could be beneficial and a relevant skill that students of any major or career goal could utilize,” Janzen said.

The club was formed as a way to teach and encourage this skill. For more information about joining, students are encouraged to contact Joe Trouba.

The final club ratified was the League of Legends Club.

“It is a popular online video game open to anyone with an internet connection. The League would offer players of this game a sense of unity and some fun opportunities to play with each other,” he said.

If students are interested in the game or looking for information on how to join, contact Macy Diehl, the club’s president.

Other topics discussed during the meeting include the addition of two sand volleyball pits and printing stations around campus. The sand volleyball pits are still a work in progress.

“Nothing has been officially contracted yet. Our plan is to continue to work with the college to hopefully make this a reality as soon as possible,” Janzen said.

The addition of printing stations in the Student Center and residence halls is the goal of the Student Senate.

“Student Senate has had the goal to eventually put printers in the residence halls. This is the first step to accomplishing that. If Papercut works as well as we expect, we can hopefully implement this system in the Student Center and, of course, the residence halls for added convenience,” Janzen said.

The Student Senate is thankful to Network and Technology Services for helping to make this goal a reality.

The next Student Senate meeting will be Sunday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. in the Elkhorn Room in the Student Center. All students are encouraged to attend the meeting.