The art of making movies: Wayne edition


Michael Marek

After each film was shown, the cast and crew answered questions from the audience.

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

The student films “The Captain and Me” and “The End” were put on by the TV workshop class and the video production class last Wednesday in Ramsey Theater.

Personally, I thought that the films were well thought out and that the cast and crew knew what they were doing.

The crew for “The End” consisted of the students from the video production class. The executive producer was Morgan Stough, the writer was Sami Taylor, and the whole crew directed at certain points of the filming.

“I thought that filming went really well for this project. We all worked together really well and I was happy to see my writing come to life,” Taylor said. “It was a lot of fun and a big learning experience for me.”

The storyline from the film “The End” was a breakup story. The characters Darrin and Jenny sat at a café discussing the relationship when Darrin decides to break up with Jenny because she is crazy and he feels that she’s taking the relationship too fast.

“I wanted to create a break-up script with a jerk boyfriend and clingy girlfriend. I wanted to see how well the stereotypical relationship would end,” Taylor said. “There were a lot of little witty comments back and forth that made the story funny and kept the audience interested.”

Darrin was played by Benjamin Bjorklund and Jenny was played by Emily Hrbek. Their acting skills were interesting to see and they really helped bring the characters to life on screen.

The crew for “The Captain and Me” included the students from the TV workshop class. The executive producer was Justise Brundage.

“I was also included in this project and thought that the plotline of this piece was really creative and that it was more serious than ‘The End,’” Taylor said.

The plotline of “The Captain and Me” followed an alcoholic student named Rob, played by Trevor McQuay, as he stumbled through the day and tried to get himself back together. He went into a coffee shop and flirted with the barista Bertie, play by Victoria McNamara, until she agrees to go on a date with him, which leads the audience to believe that he will be getting his life on track.

Throughout the entirety of the short film, the Captain, played by Dakota Schroll, followed Rob around, making comments about his life or about how he was so drunk that he was imagining the character from his bottle in real life.

“I really like the character of the Captain. I liked all of the characters from the films, but the Captain was really unique, as he was a pirate. He really added the comic relief that the film needed to make it not too serious,” Taylor said.

Overall, both of the films were a big success and the creators were very proud of their work.