Student Senate

Nate Neary, Staff Writer

Student Senate wrapped up the year with allocations day and swearing in the newly elected Senators.
“The last meeting went well,” Student Senate Vice President Kelley Robinson said. “It looks like we’re going to have a great senate next year.”
Kelley Robinson is graduating from Wayne State College and going on to a graduate program in Arkansas. However, before she left she swore in Senate President Matt Mullins for his second term.
This year saw the Senate establish a wide variety of new assets to the campus.
Some of those accomplishments included starting the process of constructing phone-charging stations on campus, upgrading the radio station’s music library and establishing a new recycling program that can be used by the entire community.
“The most important thing I think was probably helping 91.9 The Cat with the library renovation,” Robinson said. “We have done a lot, though, and it’s hard to choose.”
Allocations day took place before the senate’s final meeting. Allocations day entails campus organizations presenting to the senate and asking for financial assistance to help improve or expand their clubs.
“It was a long day full of math but it went well, especially compared to last year,” Robinson said.
“I made sure it was well organized and the clubs knew what was expected of them,” Robinson said. “Everyone got something, which is great because it helps us to not have to worry about special allocations next year.”
Robinson said dealing with special allocations this year was a hassle for the Senate.
“It was a bit of a nightmare,” Robinson said.