Roommate nightmares come true

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year draws near, many students at WSC are trying to find appropriate roommates. But how can they avoid the horror stories that their friends have told them about roommates that they’ve had in the past?

While there are many compatibility tests in place at Wayne State College, these tests mostly configure their results based on the lifestyles of the students entered into the database, not the personality traits. This is how people can be matched with roommates who don’t fit.

“My roommate freshman year made me move out four days after move-in. She took an eraser and drew a creepy cult scratch of a person on the back of our door and never talked, she just listened to Jesse McCartney on repeat,” said student Faith Schultz.

While Schultz’s story is on the extreme side of having difficulties with a roommate, she’s not alone. Many students have had odd encounters with their roommates.

“My first roommate moved in on Friday of welcome weekend like the rest of us, didn’t speak to me, left that night, and came back the next morning and moved out,” a student who has asked to be referred to as Ms. Young said.

Young isn’t the only one who had a roommate dilemma during welcome weekend.

“She texted me the night before (move-in weekend) telling me that she wasn’t coming, and she was supposed to bring the microwave and the rug,” said student Brittaney O’Neal.

The range of difficulty that students have dealing with their roommates can be wide, ranging from no-shows to momma’s girls.

“She left her mom and tried to find a new mom, and unfortunately I took that position because I can’t stand my room as dirty and unkempt as she had it. I’d spend hours cleaning just that side (of the room) and doing just her laundry. I’d miss class just to make sure that it was clean and I couldn’t sleep because it drove me absolutely nuts. Great person, but (she) definitely cannot do anything on her own,” said a student who asked to be referred to as Lilia Stillo.

Students with bad ex-roommates can definitely say that college was a memorable experience for them.

“My roommate my first semester here was a compulsive liar and even faked a pregnancy for attention,” said a student who asked to be referred to as Micaela Red.

Let’s just say that sounds can tell an entire story.

“My sophomore year my roommate liked to stay up late and one night her boyfriend came over, which he usually did a lot, but this time he stayed until 4 a.m. I had class and work the next day so I was trying to get some sleep, when all of a sudden I heard moaning. I was mortified! Eventually, I said, ‘I’m trying to go to sleep.’ And the moaning stopped. After that I moved out,” said student Nicole Bailey.

People say that you often meet your best friends in college. Some even say that your first roommate could become your best friend, this wasn’t the case with a student that has been asked to be referred to as Morganne Willison.

“We clicked really well first off and got along really well. People would comment on how much they noticed how well we worked together and we were like perfect roommates. But slowly she began to distance herself and from me and spent more and more time at her boyfriend’s,” Willison said.

“She had been trash-talking me to our other floor mates and telling them how awful I was to live with. She spent less and less time in the room and would come back to the room drunk several times. I would walk into my room while her and her boyfriend screamed at each other or I would already be in there and they would walk in fighting and not stop so I would leave the room. She ended up moving out at semester.”

All in all, while there is a chance that you could end up with a difficult roommate, it’s such a great time when you end up living with someone who becomes your best friend that it’s worth the risk.