Super 8 impacted by March Madness Rugby

Nate Neary, Staff Writer

This year’s rugby tournament brought more than just excitement on the field, with complaints of public disturbances resulting from it as well.

No place seemed to be more affected than the Super 8 Motel on East 7th St. There were three complaints called in to the Wayne Police Department on April 2.

“People pay to sleep here, not party here,” a motel employee, (who asked to be identified) Mr. Chaudhari, said.

Security footage of the night’s events showed the motel packed hall-to-hall with partiers. Other customers who were not there for the rugby weekend were upset with the noise.

“I had one customer come up to me and say, ‘This is a motel not a bar’,” Chaudhari said. “If people write bad reviews about their stay, that hurts my business.”

Chaudhari said property damage that occurred during the weekend included a broken bathtub, windows, window screens and a slashed chair. All customers responsible for the damage paid for it.

“Everyone is good, but when they are drunk, they just don’t know what they are doing,” Chaudhari said.

The rugby tournament brings revenue to the town of Wayne, but the bad publicity to hotels for allowing people to party and make disturbances can also lose them business.

“I have tourists who come here year-round who aren’t here to party,” Chaudhari said. “The rugby players are just here for two days.”

The escalation point of the night was around 4 a.m., when security footage showed three men came down to the lobby.

“They were being extremely loud, and I asked them to please keep it down or I would have to ask them to leave,” Chaudhari said. “That’s when one of the men got extremely angry and started to yell at me, saying no one could make him leave. He threatened to assault me, so I went into my office and locked the door and called the police.”

Video of that incident shows the man in question getting extremely agitated at Chaudhari, waving his arms around while his friends laughed. After Chaudhari went into his office to call the authorities, the man jumped behind the counter and began rummaging through motel property. He tried to open the refrigerator but seemed too intoxicated to do so, instead settling for a loaf of bread.

“I would have given them food if they were hungry,” Chaudhari said. “I take care of all my customers. All they had to do was ask. I told the cops he could keep it, I just don’t want any problems.”

The men proceeded outside, where they stole a sign from in front of the motel. Shortly after, the police arrived to de-escalate the situation.

“The police came down and were very helpful,” Chaudhari said. “They are always really nice people.”

The Wayne Police Department declined to comment on the incident.

“Nobody knows who it was. For all I know, it might not have been a rugby player,” Coach Darrin Barner said.

This was not the only year when such events have occurred. During last year’s tournament, a man punched a hole in the wall of the motel property. He had believed his car was stolen, only to find that his friend returned with it a short while later after going to get food.

Chaudhari said that the vast majority of the rugby players were respectful and remorseful the following morning.

“Many of them were nice and very respectful,” Chaudhari said. “A lot of them apologized afterwards and couldn’t believe what they did.”