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Delusions of Grandeur: Still the best bite in town, but are we getting full?

Natasha Fuehrer, Columnist

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“The Walking Dead” started off this season with a bang. Literally. Losing two key players in the zombie-filled drama stunned fans and left many wondering where the show would go from there.

Most are disappointed with the show’s seventh season sputtering after the season opener’s bloodbath. Characters were once again strewn across the post-apocalyptic landscape and the walkers the show’s known for were few and far between.

I am a fan of the show. However, I too found the season a bit of a sleeper. Character development was all over the place, stutter-stepping throughout episodes. Some things were good, like when Rick finally stood up to Negan. Daryl and Maggie having a heart-to-heart, Carol getting her mojo back and Shiva the tiger finally snacking on a baddie were just a few of the positives.

Other things were boring and a waste of film, like the misadventure of Tara, Rosita and Sasha’s rogue mission and Eugene in general.

Season seven was a mixed bag, with shining moments of the show’s previous horrific splendor and other splotches of its former glory. I think every show goes through this slump, no matter how good the writers, producers or lead actors are.

A show is like life; it has its ups and downs, good days and bad days. Season seven probably won’t rank amongst the greatest “Walking Dead” seasons ever, a title probably owned by season one and two.

Then there are those who say the show has run its course. Many fans are using the other AMC heavy-hitter “Breaking Bad” as supporting material. The show was a crown jewel of the network and could’ve gone on for more seasons, but the writers decided against it. It ended on a high note before the story got stale.

Do I think “The Walking Dead” has run its course?

Not exactly. I think there are still a lot of avenues the show hasn’t explored and characters that have a long way to grow and develop. Maybe the next season will have a little more spice, with a war now in full swing between our group of survivors and Negan’s big, bad band of brutes.

There’s no other show on TV like it and it currently reigns supreme in the genre. It’s different, and that’s what appeals to people. It’s not like anything else, because it features the undead, but it’s not completely focused on their grisly mugs.

I believe the show will continue for as long as the fans watch, which will probably be a while. It’s a pop culture phenomenon and fabric of American TV culture.

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Delusions of Grandeur: Still the best bite in town, but are we getting full?