Bringing clubs together with Better Together Day

Emmalee Scheibe, Staff Writer

Interfaith Action Group, WSC Peer Education Network (PEN), Latinos Uniting, PRIDE, Native American Student Alliance (NASA) and the International Club worked together to bring Better Together Day to Wayne State College last Thursday.

“This event was important because it gave the participating on-campus organizations a chance to share their information while supporting other causes,” WSC junior Katelyn Palu said.

NASA was there to show how to make dream catchers and the International Club brought samples of international dishes. Interfaith had religious books that people could look at and also had promotional items students could take.

“This has always been my dream: to have every Multicultural Center Club work together to bring more education to the campus to show them that all the clubs have different things that are important to them,” said Haley Koeppe, president of WSC PEN and the Interfaith Action Group. “We work better as a campus and community when we all come together, bringing our differences together and embracing them.”

Latinos Uniting was there teaching students to play the game Lotería, and PRIDE educated the audience about the LGBTQ+ community.

“My table had pamphlets on coming out in a religious setting and a glossary of LGBT works and cupcakes,” senior Megan Bell said.

Interfaith Action Group has been planning Better Together Day since February. The group sent out proposals to different organizations on campus asking them to join and how many tables they would need.

“It’s little details that you have to think about,” Koeppe said. “There is a lot of time and energy that goes into planning this event, but it’s such a relief when it works out and you get people that come and learn things at your event.”

The organizations take a lot of things into consideration when planning such an event. They need to decide what the layout will be, what’s going to be in the PowerPoint, what music will be playing, what the organizations need and other such considerations.

“We had about 40 people come to our event,” Koeppe said.

Koeppe would like to thank Andrea Thompson, Maddie Daley, Lane Kirlin and the advisers for WSC PEN and the Interfaith Action Group.

“I really could not have done this event without the support of the people in my clubs,” Koeppe said. “They have supported the decisions I have made and they were there whenever I needed their help. I will forever be grateful for them.”