International student aid

Nathan Pearson, Staff Writer

The Student Loan Report has ranked Wayne State College 117th out of more than 4,000 public colleges regarding the amount of aid awarded to international students.

The Student Loan Report lists the top 150 public colleges on its website, including area colleges such as Northwest Missouri State (68), Nebraska-Kearney (114) and Dakota State (127).

WSC was listed at $4,109 in average financial aid awarded to international students. The Citadel Military College of South Carolina was ranked first with $42,780, followed by Lincoln University ($33,966) and Coastal Carolina University ($26,592).

“Most international students don’t qualify for federal financial aid,” said Annette Kaus, director of Student Financial Services. “To be eligible you usually need to be a citizen or an eligible non-citizen.”

Kaus said that an eligible non-citizen almost always resides in the United States permanently and is in the country for reasons other than just to study.

Aid awarded included scholarships, student loans, grants, work-study compensation and part-time compensation.

“Our system for international scholarships has been in existence in the time I’ve been here and it hasn’t changed,” Kaus said.

Kaus said the money for international students is set aside by WSC’s budget office. It is a WSC-specific scholarship, meaning it is unique to WSC and not part of the Nebraska State College System.

“We receive a list of names from Leah Keino (Director of the WSC Multicultural and International Program) that she wants given assistance and we allocate the money,” Kauf said. “Leah is interested in getting more international students and it is something (administration) continues to review.”