Food, fun from around the world


Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

WSC will be hosting the annual International Dinner on Sunday in the Frey conference center. The dinner is put on by the International Club and will begin at 6 p.m., followed by international performances.

“The International Dinner is a night to enjoy the diversity of Wayne State College with food and entertainment. The proceeds will go towards the purchasing of flags to represent each international student at WSC. These flags will be shown in the Kanter Student Center by the Multicultural Center,” said Bethany Janzen,vice president of the International Club.

Janzen explained that the dinner is by far the most popular event that is put on by the International Club as it is a memorable night filled with experiences that outreach what WSC students are used experiencing.

“When guests arrive at 6 p.m., they will begin by grabbing a plate and enjoying food from all across the globe from our potluck-style food line,” Janzen said. “We will have a lot of musical performances with the Mariachi Band, the WSC famous Madrigal Singers, dance performances and other international songs played by faculty and students across campus. Dr. (Meena) Dalal will read a beautiful poem from India, and several International Club members will give a fashion show in culturally traditional outfits.”

This dinner is a representation of the students who are a part of the International Club and the different cultures that they have grown up experiencing. It’s a chance for them to share their cultures with their peers.

“The purpose of the International Club is to promote the interaction between international students and the general student body at Wayne State College,” Janzen said.

While the international club consists mostly of students from around the globe, there are also members who are just interested in how things are different.

“Each international student at Wayne is a member of the club, but it’s open to anyone on campus, just like the other public clubs. We’re numbered at 15 international students, and five other students, with the total number at 20,” said Lane Kirlin, president of the International Club.

The International Dinner is a tradition that goes back enough years that students eagerly await the experience.

“The first international dinner took place in 1985, and was held and advised by Lin Brummels, who is still here today in the Counseling Center. She worked with international students for many years, and turned over advising duties to Ron Vick in 1999. The dinner has not been held every year since the 1980s, but has been a mainstay of international student activities on campus for the last several decades. Even since the start, the dinner has followed the similar theme of dinner and performances,” Kirlin said.