Task Force did what it was tasked with

Decisions at stand-still ‘till legislature sets budget

Nate Neary, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College Budget Advisory Task Force has released its final summary for the pending budget cuts to President Maryzs Rames. Although she has not released the summary to the public yet, she is pleased with the group’s conclusion.

“They did an excellent job, and I got a list of recommendations as I requested. All the information that was requested of them was included,” Rames said. “I was unfortunately very ill and was going to meet and hear directly from them. I was unable to do that.”

The process of making the cuts advances from the Task Force making recommendations to the president, who makes recommendations to the chancellor of the Nebraska State College System, Stan Carpenter.

Rames said it depends on the state legislature whether she will make additional recommendations to the chancellor based on what the task force has submitted.

“It really comes down to what the legislature does. Right now we’re working on what’s currently out there, and that’s why we’re not releasing anything because we really don’t know right now,” Rames said. “We certainly don’t want to cause any kind of alarm or concern until we know for sure what the legislature is going to do.”

Considering the budget cuts and the 5 percent increase of room and board for multiple bed dorms, Rames was asked if she thought further actions will be taken.

“I don’t know what the board’s thinking. I’m sure they’re having conversations but I’m not privy to them at this point so I’m not sure what they will do,” Rames said.

“On the room and board front, though, I would encourage folks to look at that because we did lower the rates for single rooms so that more students would have an opportunity to have single rooms,” Rames said. “We were very mindful of trying to provide new options for students.”

WSC officials have said that the end of March was an estimated timeline for release of the task force budget cuts proposals and the decisions concerning vacant teaching positions on campus.