Staff Editorial: Ain’t no chance for the wicked

Mason Schweizer, Opinion Editor

“Why can’t we just give him a chance?” That is a question that has been uttered countless times by Trump supporters ever since his election was met with backlash and protest. As we near the 100-day mark in the 45th American presidency, the reasons many have screamed against giving him a chance have been piling up quicker than the president can skate off to a weekend golfing trip.

In last Friday’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked by a reporter about Trump’s threat to take federal funds away from sanctuary cities, most notably Chicago, a city that Trump has been vocal about needing to rid of gang and gun violence.

Spicer responded that if Chicago wanted to clean up its act, they would stop letting in illegal immigrants, blaming them as sole contributors to the ever-rising murder rates in the Windy City.

Except 75 percent of the 433 homicides committed in Chicago in 2011 (the most recent data officially provided by the city’s police—there were unofficially 762 murders in 2016) were committed by white or black people, with the other quarter going to people recognized as “Hispanic” or “Other.” That means that even if every single non-white or black person who committed a murder in Chicago was an illegal immigrant, removing them would still leave a staggering majority of murders to fall on the hands of legal citizens. And while official statistics on legal status are not available for these numbers, it’s a safe bet that not every murderer came from another country illegally.

Essentially, Trump and his minions—in this instance, Spicer—take generally racist stances on any fear-inducing subject and wrongly feed them down our throats. They use nothing more than racism and lies to incite fear in Americans, creating false pretenses and narratives in the process.

Not to mention the obvious notion that undocumented immigrants, many of whom came here to escape events like the chemical weapons attacks in Syria yesterday, will be more hesitant to report any crimes, risking their own deportation.

So, why can’t we just give him a chance? Because if a city doesn’t follow his racist and xenophobic ideas and orders, he’s going to take his ball—and tax-payer money—and go home. The black community, which makes up for more than 70 percent of gun violence victims in the city, and the community Trump has vowed to fight so strongly for, is in danger of losing even more funding to keep them safe from racist ideologies.

And that is why his new approval rating (35 percent) is the lowest it’s ever been.

Mason Schweizer for The Wayne Stater