Yass, Queen!

WSC host’s annual Drag Show

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

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  • WSC alum Avii Quinn performs during the drag show on Thursday night.

  • Anastacia Shakers steals the stage for her performance.

  • WSC student Caity Sila performs to “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” by Kenny Chesney.

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The annual Wayne State College Drag Show last Thursday was a big hit, with performances from Autumn Quinn, Sony Boner, Kahtya Tehsion, Avii Quinn, Ida Bang Him, Alex Lee Damage, Mister Brightside, Veronica, Anastasia Shakers, Benjamin Werckman, Daddy Long Legs, Ian Sideher, and James Bondage.
More than 250 people were in attendance. The performers raised $750, and all proceeds went to help pay for mental health treatment expenses.
Not only did the drag show raise money to help the mentally ill, but it was also a chance for students to get out and show their respect and support for the LGBTQ+ community.
“I think the Drag Shows have been a way for WSC students to learn about gender identity and gender role stereotypes,” Counselor and PRIDE (People Respecting Individuals, Diversity and Equality) sponsor Karen Granberg said. “The Drag Show panels that have been held every year since 2011 have given students an opportunity to talk with performers and to learn about their motivations for choosing this form of artistic and personal expression.”
The drag show wasn’t always as popular as it is now. When it first began, it was quite a bit smaller, but as time has gone on, the LGBQT+ community has been gaining support, as has the Drag Show.
“The first drag shows ever at WSC were in 2004 and 2005. The PRIDE student organization began this tradition of drag shows on campus. They were small shows performed in the lower food court of the Student Center and in Ley Theater in Brandenburg,” Granberg said. “The larger venue shows in the Frey Conference started in 2011.”
While the support of the Drag Show has grown at a staggering rate, there are still students, and people for that matter, who find themselves uncomfortable with this idea. These people are urged to step out of their comfort zones for a minute to really see what this is all about.
“ I would congratulate students who are willing to explore the world outside of their comfort zones. We learn much about ourselves and the world around us when we do,” Granberg said.
The Drag Show was met with excitement from students and the Frey Conference Room was packed to the edges with patrons ready to have some fun and donate money to a great cause.
The performers put on an exciting show filled with a wide variety of dances and songs including the songs “Baby,” by Justin Bieber, “Poker Face,” by Lady GaGa, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” by Kenny Chesney, “Birthday Sex,” by Jeremih and “Man in the Mirror,” by Michael Jackson.
“I would like to thank WSC students for welcoming the Drag Show professional performers to campus and for also supporting the student performers. The audiences over the years have been fantastic and have been a major contributing factor to the show’s success,” Granberg said.