Seniors show their art


Anna Cole

Senior Amy Widger talking about her artwork that is featured in the “Residuum” senior art exhibit.

Anna Cole, Staff Writer

The opening reception for the senior art show, “Residuum,” was held last Thursday in the Nordstrand Visual Art Gallery. The show features art work from WSC seniors Alex Beeson, Kaitlyn Brezina, Candace Hutchson and Amy Widger.

“It is surreal seeing my artwork in a gallery setting,” Widger said. “It is crazy to think that all of my best works are on display and not just sitting in storage anymore.”

The senior art exhibit is required for all art majors other than graphic design, and students put a lot of hours into preparing for it.

“In the class, we not only set up our senior gallery show but we get ready to take our first steps outside of college in the real world,” Widger said.

“We explore possibilities with our majors and get experience hanging gallery shows.”

The artists spend a great deal of time and effort preparing for their senior exhibit from creating and storing their work to helping set up the gallery. Hutchson said all the artists had to make their own frames, which took days of preparation, and then about five days to install.

“I spent 40 hours in the library working just to set up the gallery show,” Widger said. “The time it took to create all of the work in the show is too much to be able to count.”

The senior art exhibit is the culmination of all the work the students have done throughout their academic careers at WSC. Each piece in the exhibit was carefully selected by the seniors to show their skills and style as artists.

“The artwork that I chose to put in the show all has the same underlying theme and shows my skills in various art studios, which made them all definite choices of mine over artworks that did not have the same theme to them,” Widger said.

The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any who wish to see the exhibit.