Study Abroad program potentially being shortened


Nate Neary, Staff Writer

Student Senate was busy this past Sunday, addressing issues ranging from the upcoming Allocations Day to the potential shortening of the Study Abroad program.

Student Senate discussed the rumblings of WSC potentially shortening the Study Abroad Program to either not a full semester, or switching it to the summer.

“I can see why the administration would shorten the trip, especially if they are struggling to fill it,” Student Senate President Matt Mullins said. “Also, it would allow athletes and others who couldn’t take the semester off to participate in the trip. I got to experience Greece for a semester though, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.”

The Senate also discussed a potential project of building a student lounge beyond that in the Student Center. No official locations or time frame were confirmed, but the Senators seemed excited about the prospect.

“We’re just potentially looking for a way to give back to WSC for future students,” Mullins said.

Mullins was recently reelected as president for next year, and is excited for the upcoming elections for the senator positions.

As to why the elections are held on different days, Mullins said he believes that previous Senate leadership set the election up this way to allow someone who lost a presidential bid to still be eligible to run for a Senate seat.

For the upcoming election, Senator and recently appointed Student Trustee Jayme Krejci revised and added on to the election rule handbook. Nothing was set in stone as of Sunday, but the final edition is near completion.

Krejci was also present for the most recent President Cabinet meeting. Krejci reported that 630 new students are expected in the fall, a healthy number in comparison to recent years.

Krejci also reported from the meeting that 500 students have already applied to stay on campus for next fall.

The Senate discussed old business such as the pending phone charging stations and the recently purchased music subscription for the college’s radio station.

The phone-charging stations have been delayed at this point because of a mix up in scanning technology required to allow access to student ID cards. However, Mullins said during the meeting that he is optimistic the stations will be running before the end of the school year.

The new music subscription for the college radio station has received good reviews, according to the Senate. The subscription allows the station to play more modern music such as hip-hop and will cost $500 annually.

The last item discussed was President’s Night, which is a prequel event to Allocations Day. President’s Night will be an information session so no club misses out on the opportunity to present on Allocations Day.

Allocations Day is an event held by the Senate to hear each on-campus organization’s presentation on how much money they need granted by the Senate, and how that money will benefit the club and the college as a whole.

Student Senate’s next meeting will take place April 2 at 7 p.m. in Gardner Hall.