Mod Sun releases new album Movie before his concert in Omaha

Mason Schweizer, Staff Writer

“They say right before you die, a movie flashes before your eyes.” That is the fitting introduction to hippy-hopper/artist/author/visual director/motivator Mod Sun’s newest release, “Movie,” which was released via Rostrum Records last Friday. Ever-creative, an accompanying short film Mod released as well.

The album’s lead single, “We Do This” (featuring Dej Loaf), follows immediately after an intro that features all the sounds and instruments of “We Do This,” just taken apart and floating independently of each other, as if the song were placed in an ant-gravity machine and the pieces left to float amongst each other.

The smooth vibes on “We Do This,” an ode to Mod doing whatever he and his hippies so desire, are so contagious that they spill into “She Just Wanna Dance.” It is the first of many songs on the album that are not-so-subtly about his lover, model Hanna Beth. The song describes a woman (Hanna Beth) who is so care free that she doesn’t even know who sings the song she’s dancing to; all that matters is that she’s dancing. Early Mod fans may see this as a less druggy and more musical version of his early hit, “Stoner Girl.”

Mansionz (the duo of blackbear and Mike Posner) join Mod on “You Are,” which is another love song. While love is not a new theme for Mod to cover, the type of love certainly is. While Mod usually speaks on free love and other aspects of the new-age hippie lifestyle, “Movie” focuses on a relationship-type of love. The addition of Mansionz makes this one of the more popular cuts on “Movie.”

The first string of love songs ends with “Beautiful Problem,” the latest single off the album. It features up-and-comer gnash, as well as beautiful lyrics from Maty Noyes.

“Two” is a banger that draws inspiration from the Jay-Z cut “22 Two’s,” and features Mod at his most braggadocious, cleverly ending each line with either to, too or two. The bangers continue with “WWYGADT,” an acronym for “why would you go and do that?” People can hate and speak down on Mod all they want, but their negative words have no merit, so why would anyone go and do that?

“Smokin’ What I’m Smokin’ On,” is a very familiar subject for Mod—weed. Rappers D.R.A.M. and Rich The Kid join the hippie to boast about the copious amounts of bomb-ass weed they chief, before blackbear returns to lend a hand on “Spent All My Money.” Mod and blackbear trade verses discussing the fast lifestyle they live, and the effect it has on personal relationships.

The final two songs end the album on a positive note. “Make Something of Yourself” is just what it sounds like—an uplifting track encouraging the listener to take a proactive approach in making the best out of life.

The outro, “The End or Start Again?” shifts the focus back to Hanna Beth. Through their recent ups and downs, the two have found themselves in a different position. Will their falling out result in them mending fences and being stronger as a couple, or is this where the relationship ends? Mod ends the song and album with the hope that things are far from over with the love of his life.

Following the album, especially the first couple of times through, can be challenging. The direction goes back and forth between bangers and love songs. But those who follow Mod, and have read his “Happy To Be Here” journal series, or have looked at any of his wild paintings know that part of the beauty of his art is the sort of scatter-brained quality it can have.

It was a shock to get a Mod Sun album that didn’t rely on hippies and happiness. Some older fans may be turned off, but others can appreciate the change and growth, and it gives new listeners a different side of Mod.

Those interested in seeing the hippie live can catch Mod Sun on tour his upcoming tour that includes a stop on April 27 at The Waiting Room in Omaha. Tickets and other dates can be found at