New technology finds a home in Humanities


Zoey Heimes

The Wayne State College Humanities building underwent several renovations over the summer.

Andrew Eaton, Staff Writer

As the new school year takes shape, the college community will notice additions to several buildings around campus.

The Humanities Building underwent updates that took the entire summer to complete. The Interim Dean of Arts & Humanities, Steve Elliott, who took over in the summer of 2013, submitted a formal request to the VPAA and generated a list of issues to be addressed.

“I was involved in some of the additions and coordinated with NATS. The total cost to update the technology was $50,000,” he said. “I can’t thank NATS enough for making the classrooms more functional and they are good at what they do.”

Items that were added include HD screens and computers. The wiring system was completely redone. NATS is still working on some glitches but should soon be up and running without issues.

“The updates are kind of overdue. I think once the bugs get fixed, everything will be all good,” said graduate assistant Michael Grove.

Besides the much needed updates to the technology, cosmetic changes were added throughout the Humanities Building.

“Some changes were made to the ceiling tiles, carpet, offices, corridors, stairwells, landing, new sinks and faucets in restrooms and the fourth floor, where the Stater lab is located,” Elliott said.

The Stater lab and the Stater archives were given more space to work with after the workers tore out the old photo lab.

Then a flood occurred on the first floor of the building and damaged tables, boxes and other items in contact with the floor. This was the last thing to be finished and had to dry out before the carpet was laid down.

“The drain clogged and water came. We repaired the foundation due to this. We worked to have a drain system expanded and Christiansen Construction oversaw the work,” he said.

The costs totaled roughly $200,000 with a Capital Improvement Fund for the Humanities Building. The repairs were evenly distributed with a concentration to the flooring and ceiling tiles.

Features that may happen later on in the school year include reinstalling handrails.

The overall cooperation between those involved made Elliott very happy.

“It was really good to see the college work together with everyone, from NATS to the construction company to everyone in the Humanities Building,” he said.