Annual pancake feed helps sisters

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

Theta Phi Alpha sorority raised $342 last Wednesday in its third annual pancake feed, making the event one of the most successful of the three. About 90 patrons visited Cup of Grace for the feed.

“We have meetings on Sundays and we’ll vote and decide if we want to put the money toward leadership conference travel or toward the formal (dance) on April 1,” said chair of the Theta Phi Alpha Fundraising Committee, Emmalee Scheibe.

Since the sorority started doing this fundraiser, it has become more popular as it became well-known across campus.

“I think it had a really good turnout because we advertised well on campus. It was on Ecampus and the TV monitors, and it was emailed to all of the students,” Scheibe said. “I think just because of better advertising we had a better turnout.”

While the pancake feed was originated as a way to paying for the sorority’s formal, it is now another fundraiser used to raise money for anything put on by Theta Phi Alpha.

“We still do bake sales, but we plan on doing a volleyball tournament or a car wash in the fall,” Scheibe said.

She also said that the weather had an effect on the turnout.

“We would not have had that great of a turnout if we would have done it in January,” Scheibe said.

The sorority also attributes its success to the generosity of the town. A lot of the members donated food as well.

“Everything was donated: the juice, the butter, the pancake mix. A lot of the girls donated, which really helps, and a lot of places around town donated,” Scheibe said. “The Majestic Theater donated to the raffles and that was really helpful.”

In the end, the pancake feed organizers attributed its success to the hard work and positive attitudes of everyone involved.

“All of the girls working together and putting in effort really put it together,” Scheibe said.