Staff Editorial: A New Holiday

Last night, as our staff spent Valentine’s Day bunkered in our offices putting together this week’s newspaper, we discussed other holidays that should exist in a similar fashion to Valentine’s Day.

Answers like “Love Thy Neighbor Day” and “Groupie Appreciation Day” were swiftly suggested. We quickly realized that the common theme of all of our theoretical holidays was loving and appreciating a certain group of people (and pets).

Which brings us to Love Day. Chances are if you have picked up a random paper of ours this year, you have read in our editorials that we need to be showing love and respect for each other more often. We’re a very docile group of journalists for the most part. And today is no different.

So, why stop with a day to love just one person? Why not extend the holiday of love to everyone?

Strangers, friends, family and significant others can all take a day of peace and happiness. You can even love yourself on this buoyant day (no, not the same form of self-love some lonesome people traditionally show on this day).

Couples, don’t fret. Those who feel they need a set date to show how much they adore their partner rather than just live by that code can still have their own special day. Isn’t that what anniversaries are for?

And those who wait for this special day to express their feelings to someone for the first time—don’t wait for a specific day to express yourself. Just shoot your shot when you’re ready. Not to mention, using Valentine’s Day to reveal your love for someone has evolved into a cornucopia of corniness.

Corporate America has no need to worry, as the newly formed Love Day will be just as, if not more, profitable than the stale celebration of St. Valentine. The market for this sublime occasion is more than couples and dudes looking to escape the friend zone. The market is for anyone who wants to show gratitude towards anyone.

And despite all of the current tension and unrest around the globe, there are still plenty of folks with love in their hearts.

Happy Love Day, everyone.

Mason Schweizer for The Wayne Stater