Attention all Theta Phi Alpha sorority recruits

Emmalee Scheibe, Staff Writer

Theta Phi Alpha will be doing recruitment a little differently this semester. Theta Phi Alpha is the national sorority on campus that was founded in 1985.
“We usually do recruitment every semester,” recruitment head Riley Lang said. “Although we have decided to do an open recruitment for this spring semester.”
Open recruitment means that the girls who are interested in joining Theta Phi Alpha would be initiated in the fall instead of the spring if they decide that they want to stay, as opposed to having initiation this semester.
“We decided not to have recruitment this semester because of numbers,” Lang said. “Our sorority has been growing quickly and the majority of the girls we have are from fall’s semester recruitments.”
Recruitment usually last two weeks at the beginning of each semester, but Theta Phi Alpha will have recruitment for two weeks only at the beginning of the fall semester.
“Recruitment is so much fun,” Lang said. “I think everyone is just in a better mood when we are recruiting. It really brings the whole sorority together.”
Throughout this spring semester, members would be able to attend sisterhoods, fundraisers and philanthropies to see what Theta Phil Alpha focuses on as a sorority.
“My favorite part of sorority truly is philanthropy,” philanthropy chair Hannah Rathman said. “Sorority is important to me because it has made me a well-rounded person. I have had leadership opportunities, had the opportunity to do community service, make new friends and hold myself to a higher standard throughout college.”
Theta Phi Alpha focuses on sisterhood, philanthropy, service, leadership, friendship and academics.
“Some of the philanthropies we do are donating to Haven House, NEDA week to bring awareness to eating disorders, Christmas caroling, writing letters to troops, mercy meals and Orphan Grain Train,” Rathman said.
Sisterhoods are events Theta Phi Alpha uses to bond the sorority.
“Doing these fun little events can bring us closer as a chapter,” sisterhood chair Maddy Kraft said. “You can sit by someone at a game night and talk to them while you play and end up learning something new about them.”
Some sisterhoods Theta Phi Alpha does are movie nights, baking parties, going to events on campus together, getting dinner together, roller skating and going to haunted houses.
“Doing sisterhoods has helped me see the fun side of my fellow sisters and has helped me connect with them in a new way, other than just saying we are in the same sorority,” Kraft said.
For more information about joining Theta Phi Alpha contact recruitment head Riley Lang at [email protected]
“I can’t wait to see what this next semester brings for our sorority,” Lang said.