SAB voting again for spring concert

Mason Schweizer, Opinion Editor

With past plans put aside, the Student Activities Board is putting the finishing touches on booking the Spring Concert.
“We are narrowing it down and getting quotes on different things and are going to be making an offer hopefully sometime this week,” Student Activities Coordinator Sarah Gunion said. “Once we get that confirmed, we will make an announcement.”
With deadlines approaching, the SAB board members needed to move their planning process along, and came to a decision on who they believe to be popular with the students.
“We did a poll in SAB. We had thought about doing another (student) poll, but every day we waited we were losing names, so we picked someone based on SAB voting,” Gunion said.
“But I think it will be popular, and I think it is someone who will appeal to a lot more people.”
While Gunion could not make any official announcements before confirming the act, she dropped a few hints at who could possibly be coming to rock Wayne America. The act is a pop-rock band and was not on the original ballot for voting in the fall.
SAB is optimistic that the new choice will be a hit, but just in case, they have done a little planning ahead to stay ahead of the curve.
“If this doesn’t work, we are doing a Spring Fling event. We will do a mini Festival or Battle of the Bands,” Gunion said. “But I’m pretty sure this will work out.”
While there is not an official date set for the concert, the calendar on currently shows a date of April 22. Gunion said they hope to start having tickets available around Spring Break (March 6-10).
Tickets will be free to students, and will be available for $5 to the public two weeks after students can begin picking up theirs.