WSC Student Senate takes a Sunday off

Jan. 27 meeting was cancelled because of Osborne presnetation


Nate Neary, Staff Writer

Student Senate cancelled its Feb. 5 meeting due to too many expected absences. The meeting was already rescheduled from Jan. 27 due to Tom Osborne’s presentation on campus.

“We don’t usually cancel meetings,” Student Senate Vice President Kelley Robinson said.

An overview of the meeting showed that the Budget Advisory Task Force, Board of Trustee Selection Committee, Allocations and upcoming Student Senate elections were going to be discussed.

“The meeting was mainly going to be an overview; we didn’t really have anything too important to go over,” Robinson said.

Also scheduled for the Sunday meeting was the disciplinary hearing for two senators who have missed an abundant amount of Student Senate meetings. The hearing will be held at a later date.

Student Senate will have a meeting to review what was not covered this Sunday and review new material as well on Sunday at 7 p.m.