Hoodie Allen too $$ for WSC

Mason Schweizer, Staff Writer

While many students are still scraping ice off their cars in the morning, planning for warmer days is underway at Wayne State College. The Student Activities Board has been busy planning this year’s spring concert, although some improvisation will be made after initial planning difficulties.
During the fall semester, students stuffed ballot boxes, voting for hip-pop artist Hoodie Allen. It became tough sledding for SAB when an agreement was not able to be made to get Hoodie to Wayne.
“It turns out that some of the things (Hoodie) requested as far as sound, lights and equipment were well beyond what we had budgeted for,” Student Activities Coordinator Sarah Gunion said. “We were in negotiations, and we just couldn’t afford it.”
SAB is currently looking for possible headliners that will fit under the budget, which Gunion said is roughly $65,000.
“We are currently reviewing some possible names and will review their technical requirements before we move forward, and figure out who is available, and who we can afford, and put a list together shortly,” Gunion said.
Students are welcome to attend SAB meetings at 5:30 on Wednesdays in the Bluestem Room (202 in the Kanter Student Center) to give suggestions on possible acts, but these suggestions will not be put on the ballot if their fees do not fall in the budget.